No matter how many times a teacher tries to explain how math relates to the “real world”, I will continue to believe that it is a waste of time. Why do I have to pay for a class that has no relevancy to my major?

I hated you in grade school, I hated you in middle school, I despised you in high school and the hatred will continue throughout college.

Loving Yourself

Before you can give your heart away to someone else, it’s important to find what it is in your heart that makes you burn with passion. If you give it up too early, it gives someone else the chance to form your heart and gives them the opportunity to mold you into something they want rather than what you really are. 

Love from someone else is a POWERFUL yet WONDERFUL thing. 

Give yourself the chance to find love within yourself before you allow others to do so. It will make your life long journey of answering the question “Who Am I?” a whole lot easier and a lot more meaningful.